The Khalsa & the Punjab -Studies in Sikh history, to the 19th Century

The Khalsa & the Punjab -Studies in Sikh history, to the 19th Century

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Author: Himadri Banerjee
Editor(s): Himadri Banerjee
Publisher: Tulika
Year: 2001
Language: English
Pages: 192
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8185229716


The Khalsa & the Punjab: Studies in Sikh History, to the 19th Century is the third in a series of volumes published to mark the tercentenary of the Khalsa, the previous two being History and Ideology: The Khalsa over 300 Years (1999) and Sikh History from Persian Sources (2001).

This volume comprises some of the papers presented at the panel on the Khalsa at the 60 the session of the Indian History Congress along with others from earlier proceedings of the Congress. Covering different areas of Sikh studies, the fifteen essays contained here are an attempt at introducing the Sikh past to a wide readership.




A Personal Reading of Sikh History
Institution of the Khalsa
The Khalsa of Guru Govind Singh: Its Soldiers and their Arms
Maharaja ala Singh's Relations with the Marathas, 1758-61
Origin of Sikh Territorial Chieftainships