India's Economy - Some Issues and Answers

India's Economy - Some Issues and Answers

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Author: Shankar Acharya
Publisher: Academic Foundation
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 180
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8171883206


Has India's economic growth slowed down in the last five years? If so, why? What should be done to revive Industry? Why is Agriculture limping and how can the sector be revitalized? Can the Services sector alone assure fast economic growth for the country? Is the Tenth Plan growth garget of 8 percent per annum achievable? Or is it a pie in the sky?

What's wrong with our Health services? Do fiscal deficits hurt growth? How? How much damage did the last Pay Commission wreak? What can Governments do to improve the nation's fiscal health? Did the last Budget help or hinder progress? What's the best recipe for tax reform? What's wrong with our banking system?

What should we do to fix it? Why is foreign investment lukewarm to India? What must we do to change that? Are we serious about reaping the fruits of Globalization? Why are our external finances strong when domestic finances are weak? Can good economic policies be crafted without good technocrats? What's the solution to urban decay?

These are all important and live issues in today's India. This book offers some answers.


Shankar Acharya takes us effortlessly and yet with great analytical skill through some of the most critical economic problems facing the country. As a key insider until recently, he speaks with authority conveying his perspectives and concerns with a refreshing frankness, all of which makes this elegantly written book a lasting contribution to the study of India's economic problems and prospects in the first years of the millenium.
-Montek Singh Ahluwalia
Former Finance Secretary, Government of India

Dr. Shankar Acharya writes lucidly, and barings admirable judgments to the key macro-issues of the day. His book should be required reading for all policy-makers. The non -specialist reader will find in these pages easy entry into the debate on economic reform.
-T N Ninan
Editor, Business Standard, New Delhi



Introduction and Overview

A: Economic Growth

B: Sectoral Perspectives

C: Budgets and Tax Policies

D: Fiscal Management

E: Banking and Finance

F: External Sector

G: General