The Yoga of Siddha Boganathar  Vol.1

The Yoga of Siddha Boganathar Vol.1

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Author: T N Ganapathy
Publisher: Babaji's Kriya Yoga and Publications
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 356
ISBN/UPC (if available): 1895383196


Boganathar was the Siddha guru of Kriya Babaji Nagaraj, the famed Himalayan master. Boganathar lived an extremely long life through the use of alchemical rejuvenation formulae and special breathing techniques. He traveled all over the world, chronicled the lives of Siddhas much older than himself, and mapped out an illumined path to integral transformation of human nature into divinity.

His astounding life provides a shining example of our human potential. Apart from being a highly realized master, he also was a great scientist who invented a steamship, an automobile, a flying machine, a parachute, and hundreds of medicinal remedies.

The present work provides a biography of Boganathar, gleaned from his writings alone. This avoids the distortion of orally transmitted legends. Dr. Ganapathy also conveys the extraordinary challenge of comprehending the esoteric poetry of Boganathar and the Siddhas in general.

The heart of this book is a translation with commentary of seventy-five selected poems, which serious students of the history of religion and in particular of Yoga and Tantra will find illuminating. By meditating upon the verses, the reader will be able to draw much inspiration.

This volume contains a word-by-word translation (with alternative meanings), a literal rendering, and an interpretative translation to balance the need for precision and understanding and to facilitate a deeper meditative approach to the various layers of meaning of each verse.


The Yoga traditions of India have been frequently neglected. This book, the first in a new series, seeks to remedy this situation. Dr Ganapathy and his team have labored hard to launch this series, and they do so with one of the most illustrious masters of Siddha Yoga-Bogar. This volume is a great starting point for exploring the Tantric Yoga of the Siddhas.
-Georg Feuestein, PhD, author of The Shambhala Encyclopedia of Yoga.




Notes on Translation

Guide to Pronunciation in Tamil

Introduction: The Basic Difficulties

The Kundalini-Yoga

The Life of bogar and His Teachings

Translation of Selected Poem