Islam - The Source of Universal Peace

Islam - The Source of Universal Peace

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Author: Kaleem - Ullah Khan
Publisher: Goodword books
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 150
ISBN/UPC (if available): 817898????


Violence by all means is the antithesis of Islam. Tolerance, peace, harmony, etc. are cornerstones of an Islamic society. Islam not only discourages but condemns violence and discrimination. A Muslim is not allowed to use force or violent means to achieve his objective. This book in very objective fashion tries to present to its readers the Islam which is the source of universal peace.

Allah in no uncertain words says in the Quran, And do good (unto other) as God has done good unto three, and seek not to spread mischief and subversion in earth; for verily God does not love the subverts. (Surah al-Qasas)



Meaning of Islam

Belief of a Muslim

Pillars of Islam

The Daily Life of a Muslim

Era of Enlightenment

Concept of Jihad in Islam

Islam: The Source of Universal Peace

Mercy, Mercy, all the Way

One Verse a Day Keeps Sat