Midnight Train and Other Ghost Stories

Midnight Train and Other Ghost Stories

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Author: Reeta Dutta Gupta
Publisher: Orient Longman/Gulmohar
Year: 1999
Language: English
Pages: 108
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8125015418


This book includes ten tales of supernatural encounters, of affectionate and gentle ghosts, of spirits in search of love and play and are as much enjoyable to read as they are tantalizingly spooky and gripping.

Stories of ghosts and mystery
Stories of the Unknown and the uncanny but as real as life
Stories quite believable and, yet, eerie and unfathomable that disturb and linger in the mind

Read about what Nagaraja Nadar did and didn't do to drive away spirits in Nagaraja Nadar's Fault. Why a Car wouldn't move in Uncanny contest and what made the summer wind turn cold at night in An Old Acquaintance. And More…


These Stories

The Doll
The English Lover
Two Brave Men
Uncanny Contest
An Old Acquaintance
The Backyard
Nagaraja Nadar's Fault
The Midnight Train