Holy Basil - TULSI : A Unique Medicinal Herb

Holy Basil - TULSI : A Unique Medicinal Herb

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Author: Yash Rai
Publisher: Navneet Publications
Year: 2012
Language: English
Pages: 128
ISBN/UPC (if available): 81-243-0143-3


The very name Tulsi, that which cannot be compared, the 'Incomparable One', indicates its great value. The detailed description of the qualities and special characteristics of Tulsi given in this book will enable the reader to appreciate its importance.

For thousands of years, Indian culture has accorded a position of great importance to trees, herbs and other components of the natural environment. Trees acquired importance from not only the religious point of view, but also that of art and decoration. Neem, Peepul,Banyan, Asopalav and other trees became indispensable in our lives, Among all these trees, shrubs and herbs, Tulsi occupies the most respected and sanctified position, a position of importance whether considered from the point of view of health, or religion, or metaphysics, or even decorative value.

The Tulsi plant in the courtyard of every Hindu house is a unique symbol of the aesthetic sense, the culture, the sanctity and religious inclinations of the family.


A Goodwill Message
A Philanthropic Act
Tulsi: In My Estimation

The Elixir of Life
The Homeopathic Point of View
The Ayurvedic Pointof View
Tested Therapeutic Applications
The Beautifier

Treatment of Snake-bite, Stings of Insects and other Poisons
Tulsi: A Remedy for All Fevers
Diseases of Women
Diseases of Men
Diseases of Children
Vata Disorders, Rheumatism and Painful Joints
Colds, Coughs and other Respitatory Diseases
Blisters, Boils, Wounds and Skin Diseases
Diseases of the Digestive System
Diseases of the Mouth, Teeth, Eyes, Ears, Nose and Throat
Diseases of the Heasrt, Flanks, Head and Other Miscellaneous Dioseases
Tulsi: Preparation of Medicinal Formulations
Tulsi: Readymade Formulations