Fasting - A unique Remedy for a Hundred Ailments

Fasting - A unique Remedy for a Hundred Ailments

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Author: R M Mehta
Translator(s): R M Mehta
Publisher: Navneet Publications
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 141
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8124310548


For the educated reader, the book will have two-fold benefit. It encourages the frugal use of food, and at the same time, it shows how to enjoy better health through fasting.

The author of the original book, Dr Shelton ran his naturopathy clinic for 36 years and treated more than 40 thousand patients of all ages, for various ailments, through fasting. This book, written as a result of his vast experience sounds a clear ring of his knowledge in our ears. For each disease, he has given us the causes and a scientific analysis of the effects of the medicines usually prescribed. At the same time, he has shown the limitations of fasting too. Moreover he has advised the people to fast only under the guidance of an expert and experienced person. Instructions are also given about when no to fast, when to give up the fasts or when to take fruit juices only.

In our country, a tradition to fast on 'ekadshi', 'purnima' and during certain religious festivals already exists. As this book shows, a scientific way of fasting, it is sure to provide a rational basis for fasting to the educated, cognizant people of our modern society.

The book 'Fasting Can Save Your Life' by the world famous Naturopath Dr Herbert M Shelton, sold more than 1,00,000 prints. Dharamchand Saravagi of Calcutta translated it into Hindi and while doing so he did not include three chapters and also cut out unnecessary lengthy details from the book, as he thought them unsuitable for Indian. This English version is a translation of abridged Hindi work of Sravagi.


Fasting and You
Fasting to Reduce the Weight
Fasting and Diet
Greed Against Hunger
Four Reasons for Fasting
Fasting for More Energy
Fasting or Starvation
Fasting During Diseases
The Time and Place for Fasting
Benefits of Fasting
Nine Basic Conditions
Conclusion of Fasts
Safeguard of Health and Fasting
Rejuvenation Through Fasting
Fast to Increase Weight
Children's Fasts
Fasting in Serious Sickness
Fasting in Chronic Diseases
Fasting in Cold, Catarrh, Flu, etc.
Asthma and Fasting
Swelling of Joints or Arthritis
Peptic Ulcer
Fasting and Headache
High Blood Pressure
Heart Ailments and Fasting
Skin Diseases
Enlargement of Prostate
Fasting in Gonorrhea
Gall Bladder Stone
Infertility Among Women
Fasting During Pregnancy
Ayurveda on Fasting