Hindi:  Handpicked Fictions

Hindi: Handpicked Fictions

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Author: Sara Rai
Translator(s): Sara Rai
Publisher: Katha
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 260
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8187649410


A unique collection of twenty one short stories by writers who have spent years engaging in their art. The stories in this anthology would hold an element of surprise for the Western reader who might come to them expecting the narrative technique and the fabric of life depicted in the stories to be very different from the West.

The short story has been part of the heritage of most cultures in the form of fables and tales and in this sense is one of the oldest genres in the world. It has also been part of the Indian heritage, manifest in the didactic tales of the Panchtantra, the urbane romances of the Kathasarita Sagar and the parables of the Upanishads. The oral tradition of storytelling goes back hundreds of years. However, the modern short story in Hindi largely developed in the twentieth century, when a need was felt not only to link with the past but also to find and invent new forms of reaction to the British colonial presence, as also new ways to express the modern, secular Indian identity it brought into being.



The Fire by Gajanan Madhav Muktibodh

Taking Leave by Zahra Rai

The Steamer by Ram Kumar

The City of Death by Amarkant

Shammonjaan's Freedom by Krishna Sobti

Married Women by Mohan Rakesh

Apprehension by Kunwar Narain

The Guest by Nirmal Verma

The Funeral Procession by Shrikant Verma

The Color Blue by Vijay Chauhan

The Acquaintance by Ramnarayan

The Homecoming by Usha Priyamvada

The Crowd by Vinod Kumar Shukla

Ba by Jyotsna Milan

The Festival by Mehrunnisa Parvez

Traffic Jam by Sanjeev

Paper Bullets by Abdul Bismillah

The Golden Waist Chain by Uday Prakash

Our Small World by Sara Rai

March, Ma and Sakura by Geentajali Shree

The Purgative by Alka Saraogi

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