Downfall by Degrees

Downfall by Degrees

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Author: Abdullah Hussein
Translator(s): Muhammad Umar Memon
Publisher: Katha
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 294
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8187649399


This volume brings you three short stories and two novels by Abdullah Hussein, recipient of the Adamjee Award, Pakistan's highest literary prize.

The three short stories and two novellas presented here in translation are quite different in tone and texture, if not perhaps in their final concerns, from the fiction that appeared in the earlier volume Night and Other Stories. Here, adolescent fervor, the burning impatience of youth, and raw emotion appear to have finally been tamed. We meet a more mature writer. His pre-eminent concern is now how best to capture the subtlest modulations of feelings, and capture them in a language as stark as he can possibly make it.

The thematic preoccupation of Abdullah Hussein remains unchanged. He has been writing a single story all the time - emotional disorientation resulting from a harrowing sense of some real or imagined inadequacy, the unbridgeable gulf between longing and becoming.


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Downfall by Degrees