The Bodhisattva Warriors

The Bodhisattva Warriors

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Author: Shifu Nagaboshi Tomio
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass
Year: 2002
Language: multilingual
Pages: 530
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8120817230


This unique study of the genesis and development of the earliest form of Buddhist self-defense practiced by Chuan Fa monks and mystics shows both the philosophical and physical basis of the skills developed and passed on to subsequent generations.

There are many who mistakenly believe Buddhism to be a predominantly philosophical teaching that regards physical and spiritual being as incompatible, or even antagonistic, towards each other. This book seeks to reunite these concepts. Its teaching draws equally on the practices of North Chinese Chaan Movement Meditation Traditions and on the South Chinese Esoteric (Mi Chiao) School - both secret traditions rarely revealed to the general public.

The material is presented so readers can understand that what we think of as a competitive sport is really a meditation mandala in action. Extensive appendices list the main Chinese dynasties, a chronology of Buddhist Sutras, a chronological record of scriptures, teachers, events during 1000 years of Indian and Chinese Buddhism, and translations of Bodhidharma's texts, including The Six Gates, Entering the Buddha's Path, and The Treatise Upon the Bloodline Teaching of True Dharma.


List of Illustrations
List of Tables
A Note for Teachers or Students of the Martial Arts

Beginning the Study

The Mandala of Elements
The Mandala of Human Characteristics
The Mandala of Symbolism
The Mandala of Experience
The Mandla of healing
The Mandala of Movement

1 - The Main Chinese Buddhist Dynasties
2 - Chronology of the Zmain Buddhist Sutras
3 - Views of Mind
4 - Development of Early Indian Buddhist Sects
5 - Bodhidharma, We Ti, and Chaan-Na
6 - Translation of Bodhidharma's Chinese Texts
The Six Gates (Shao Shih Liu Men)
Entering the Buddha's Path (Ju Tao Lun)
Treatise Upon the Bloodline Teaching of True Dharma (Hsieh Mai Lun)
7 - Chronological Records of Scriptures, Teachers, and Events During the First 1000 Years of Indian and Chinese Buddhism
8 - Paradigms of the Esoteric Mandala

Notes and Reference
The Mushindokai
About the Author