Mila in Love

Mila in Love

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Author: Dina Mehta
Publisher: Penguin
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 267
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0143030191


A stunning novel by one of India's most accomplished writers, Mila in Love is by turns hilarious, heartbreaking and psychologically deadly - Jane Austin meets Adrian Mole.

Welcome to the dream world of Sharmila, twenty-something spinster. Ruthlessly wry and comically self-deprecating, this modern maiden entertains herself not with Bombay social dos but with florid fantasies of Rayhaan, family friend and mouth-watering Parsi-Punjabi hunk.

Sharmila has secretly loved Ray ever since she was gawky, thirteen-year-old Mila and he was enamored of her mother. Yet Ray disappeared, leaving Mila to endure a series of misfortunes with only an uncle for comfort. A sorry mixture of her father's pouty mistress, her mother's descent into madness and her tyrannical granny culminates in tragedy, and Mila can take no more. Her uncle persuades her to study abroad.

Playing gamely along with her sexually experienced roommate and sexually impatient boyfriend, Mila just doesn't fit into California. Back she goes to nibble jalebis and wallow in the Sunday papers. She only has one dream left; how can she make it come true?