Recent Researches in Sikhism

Recent Researches in Sikhism

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Author: Jasbir Singh Mann
Kharak Singh/
Editor(s): Jasbir Singh Mann / Kharak Singh
Publisher: Punjabi University
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 392
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8173808112


The papers included in this volume were read and discussed in seminars recently held at the Toronto and other Universities. They removed much of the misconceptions which shrouded the vision of the baffled scholars.

The basic issues pertaining to the growth of Sikh consciousness, temporal and spiritual, Sikh peculiarities and above all the historical compulsions which motivated the search for Sikh identity, have all been objectively argued and analyzed, of course with sympathetic consideration for other religious traditions.

This book of considerable merit will be of immense use for the students and scholars of religion and history.




Fundamentalism, Modernity: Sikhism: A Tertium Quid
An Incomparable Liturgy: Sacred Nit-Nem among the World Religions
Essence of the Sikh Ethics
The Sikh World-view: Its ideological Identity
Sikhism: A Miri Piri System
Political Ideas of Guru Nanak - The Originator of the Sikh Faith
Guru Nanak in History of Religious Thought
Kinds of Knowledge and Place of Reason in Sri Guru Granth Sahib


An Integrated Methodology for Appraisal of Sources for Sikh Studies


Guru Arjan Dev- The Fifth Nanak An Apostle of Peace
The Doctrine of Meeri-Peeri
Creation of the Khalsa: A Non-Sikh Indian Literary Perspective
Koer Singh's Gurbilas Patshahi Century Sikh Literature
The Sikhs and the British 1949-1920
Sikh Identity: A Continuing Feature
The Sikh Rule and Ranjit Singh
>From Ritual to Counter-Ritual: A Critical Analysis
Some Unexamined Assumptions in Western Studies of Sikhism
Sikhs in America: Stress and Survival
In the Company of Lions and Princesses: The Sikh Community in the Canadian
The Closing Remarks at Vancouver Conference
Misrepresentation of Sikhism in Western Encyclopedias
Need for World Institute of Sikhism

Appendix I , II, III
Select Bibliography