History of the Punjab - Volume I

History of the Punjab - Volume I

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Author: L M Joshi
Editor(s): L M Joshi / Fauja Singh
Publisher: Punjabi University
Year: 1997
Language: English
Pages: 354
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8173803366


From pre-historic Times to the Age of Asoka, this volume is a comprehensive history of Punjab's historical development. This period may well be regarded as the formative years in the growth of Punjab's cultural personality.

This volume, the first in the series of volumes on the comprehensive history of Punjab pertains to the earliest period in Punjab history, ranging from its remotest past to the close of the Mauryan rule. This, in fact, is the period regarding which it may, with good justification, be said that at this time Punjab history was also the history of Bharata to a very large extent. Archaeological excavations in the Sohan River Valley, Ropar, Chandigarh and a few other places in Punjab have brought to light sure evidence of human existence even long before the Harappan civilization made its appearance.

The first highly urbanized civilization of India, called variously after the city of Harappan and Indus Valley, was also a product of this region. This civilization, besides being greatly developed, was quite extensive in its territorial range. Recent excavations have shown that it had spread out far beyond the boundaries of the area of its birth.

It may also be said that it was during this early phase of her history that Punjab's cultural personality began to take shape. Punjab is known for her adaptability and catholicity. These qualities have not only saved her people from rigidity of outlook on life and its problems but have also imparted to her a rare capacity to respond to new ideas and influences. It will be seen that all such characteristics began to show themselves in the Punjab society as early as this first period of her history.

The contributors of the various chapters in this book are all eminent people and recognized specialists in their respective areas of study.


General Editor's Note

Ancient Geography of the Punjab by D C Sircar

Pre-historic and proto-historic Punjab by V C Pandey

The Coming of Aryans and their Expansion
by Sisir Kumar Mitra and Adhir Kumar Chakravarti

Religion and Society in the Rgvedic Age by L M Joshi

Religion and Philosophy in the Later Vedic Age by G C Pande

Social and Economic Conditions in the Later Vedic Age by G C Pande

Monarchies and Oligarchies in the latter Vedic Age by Om Prakash

Political and Legal Institutions in the Later Vedic Age by Sudarshan Kumar

Vedic Language and Literature by L M Joshi

The Institution of Four Stages (Asramas) by L M Joshi

The Punjab as Reflected in the Epics by D K Gupta

Buddhism in the Punjab by L M Joshi

The Persian Invasions by Buddha Prakash

The Macedonian Invasion by Buddha Prakash

The Punjab Under Candragupta Maurya by Om Prakash

The Punjab Under Emperor Asoka by Romila Thapar

Appendix A
Sanghol and Dholbaha

Appendix B
The Republican Tradition of Ancient Punjab

Appendix C
The Taksasila Centre of Education

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