Guru Granth Sahib Speaks - A Set of 6 books  (ENGLISH+PUNJABI)

Guru Granth Sahib Speaks - A Set of 6 books (ENGLISH+PUNJABI)

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Author: Surindar Singh Kohli
Publisher: Singh Brothers
Year: 2002
Language: multilingual
Pages: 621
ISBN/UPC (if available): 817025221/231/240/245/270 &271


This 6-volume series in paper-back edition was launched particularly for the Sikhs, who have settled abroad, and have been living there for the past several generations. These serial volume aim to create in them a greater understanding of their own religion.

Those living abroad for many generations, they are far removed from their own language and religious centers and in their busy life and engagements they are lacking in their spiritual and most essential food. In order to apprise them and their children, who are mostly ignorant about their great spiritual heritage, these books will create in them a greater understanding of their own religion.

This set includes the following titles:

Death and After
Naam (Name of the Lord)
Attributes of God
God's Will (Hukm)
Ego (Haumai)


Death and After

The Mystery of Death and Life After Death
The Visible Death
Messages of Death
Yama - The God of Death
The Path of Yama and The City of Yama
Disposal of the Dead
Heaven and Hell
Karma and Transmigration
Near-Death Experiences
Out of Body Experiences

Naam ( Name of the Lord)

Concept of Naam in Sikhism - A General Study
Logos of Word (Shabda) Shabda-Brahm
Names of God or Adorable Deity
Remembrance of Naam
Naam as Guru-Mantra
Devotion and Prayer
Several Manifestations of a Sikh Constantly reciting Naam
Spiritual Experiences of a Gursikh
Meditation in Sikhism

Attributes of God (Hari-Gun)

Attributes of God Epitomized in Mool Mantra
God's Attributes and Man's Qualities
The Relationship of Lord-God with Soul
God is Truth - Jiva must be Truthful
God is Immaculate - Jiva must be Pure
God is Love - Jiva must Love Him
God is Gracious and Merciful - Jiva must be Kind and Helpful
God is without Fear and Enmity
Jiva must be without Fear and Enmity
God is Giver and Generous- Jiva must be Charitable and Helpful to Needy
God is the Pardoner and the Forgiver- Jiva must Exonerate the Repentant
God is Just and Equitable - Jiva must be Just and Upright
God is Good and Beautiful - Jiva must be Good and Elegant
God has Sweet Speech - Jiva must Speak Sweetly


The Concept of Grace in Various Religions
Grace of God
Grace of True Guru
Karma and Grace
Prayer and Grace
Remembrance of Name: God's Grace
Mind, Senses and Grace
Maya and Ego - The Enemies of Grace
Virtues Imbibed on Attainment of Grace

God's Will (Hukm)

Part One
The Concept of Hukm and Its Significance in Sikh Thought

Part Two
Multifarious Creation by Lord-God's Will

Part Three
All Human Actions Controlled by the Will of Lord-God

Ego (Haumai)

The Concept of Ego
An Elucidation of the Hymn of Guru Nanak Dev on Ego in 'Asa Di Var'
Ego and Self
Fate of the Egoist
Mythological Instances of Egoists
The Position and Status of those with Ego and without Ego
Two Opposites - Ego and Name
Various Facets of Ego mentioned in Guru Granth Sahib