Sikh's Book on Ego - HAUMAI       (ENGLISH+PUNJABI)


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Author: Surindar Singh Kohli
Publisher: Singh Brothers
Year: 2010
Language: multilingual
Pages: 96
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8172052707


This treatise on Ego is the 6th volume in the series. This series was launched particularly for the Sikhs , who have settled abroad and are mostly ignorant about their great spiritual heritage. These books aim to create in them a greater understanding of their own religion.

The word ego corresponds with two words in Indian Religious terminology viz. , Hau or Haumai, which literally conveys the sense of 'mineness' and the other word is Aham or Ahamkara. The word Ahamkara has been used by the sage Kapila, in his system of Hindu philosophy known as Samkhya.

The Vedas declare that God is averse to ego or Ahamkara. The Gurus declare that the path of ego is averse to the path of devotion. Modesty is a pre-requisite for the path of devotion. The path of ego is the path of destruction.


The Concept of Ego
An Elucidation of the Hymn of Guru Nanak Dev on Ego in 'Asa Di Var'
Ego and Self
Fate of the Egoist
Mythological Instances of Egoists
The Position and Status of those with Ego and without Ego
Two Opposites - Ego and Name
Various Facets of Ego mentioned in Guru Granth Sahib