Ethnicity, Nation and Security - Essays on Northeastern India

Ethnicity, Nation and Security - Essays on Northeastern India

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Author: Samir Kumar Das
Publisher: South Asia Publishers
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 185
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170032709


This book probes into the security scenario of the northeastern region while bringing out its metaphorical character. It shows how the security alternatives hitherto prescribed for the region have only exacerbated rather than resolved the conflicts between the state and the ethnic communities.

The book intends primarily to engage the hardcore analysts in some form of a debate that also gives the students an opportunity not only of contesting the dominant paradigm of security but understanding its metaphorical nature also. If security has an over-powering presence in the essays contained in the volume, it also serves as the central or more accurately, the centralizing metaphor. As such, it touches upon issues, which by all accounts do not form part of any conventional understanding of security.

The book proposes to define civil society as a space between the state and the contending communities and highlights its importance in resolving conflicts in the region.



Nation and its Trajectories
The Insecure Nation
The Threatening Continuities
Security in the Age of Globalization
The New Rights Discourse
The Wilting Civil Society