Chronological Dictionary of India's Independence

Chronological Dictionary of India's Independence

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Author: Kali Charan Ghosh
Editor(s): Subhas Bhattacharaya
Publisher: Sahitya Samsad
Year: 1998
Language: English
Pages: 234
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8186806202


This book offers a thoroughly researched and authenticated compendium of facts and dates for India's struggle for independence, based on the latest findings, complete with short biographies of the major figures, and a checklist of newspapers and institutions covering the period 1757-1950.

This book may be regarded as sui generis in the vast literature that has grown up on the history of Modern India in general and the Freedom Movement in particular. It may be broadly described as a chronology of important events since the foundation of British rule in India, with special reference to those connected with national regeneration and the struggle for freedom.

This footprints on the Road to Indian Independence is the result of collection of notes on stray historical events over long years chorological arrangement gives it a touch of political history quite up to Independence. All essential events of national importance have been faithfully recorded .

Basing himself on an earlier work by Kalicharan Ghosh, eminent freedom fighter, Subhas Bhattacharya, Reader, Department of History, Katwa College, has produced an invaluable work of reference for scholars, journalists, students and the general reader alike; and a documentation of the contributions made by a whole band of people to the cause of freedom that was realized over fifty years ago.


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