The Indus Civilization - A Contemporary Perspective

The Indus Civilization - A Contemporary Perspective

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Author: Gregory L Possehl
Publisher: Vistaar Publications
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 276
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8178292912


This engagingly written and well-illustrated book sheds useful new light on the Indus Age and makes recent scholarly advances readily accessible to a broad range of readers, especially students of the ancient world.

The Indus Civilization of India and Pakistan was contemporary with, and as equally complex as, the better-known cultures of Mesopotamia, Egypt and China. The dean of North American Indus scholars, Gregory Possehl, marshals the state of knowledge about this fascinating culture in a readable synthesis.

He traces the rise and fall of this civilization; examines the economic, architectural, artistic, religious, and intellectual components of this culture; describes its most famous sites; and shows the relationships between the Indus Civilization and the other cultures of its times.

As a source book for scholars, a textbook for archaeology students, and an informative volume for the lay reader, this book will be an exciting read.


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Ancient Indian Civilization
The Beginning of the Indus Age
The Indus Civilization
The Technology of the Indus Age
The Architecture of the Indus Age
The Art of the Indus Civilization
The Indus Script
Indus Religion
Burial Customs and Biological Diversity of the Peoples of the Indus Civilization
Gender and the Indus Age
The Middle Asian Interaction Sphere
The Transformation of the Indus Civilization
The Indus Civilization: An Overview

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