44 Fantasy Stories - Chandamama Stories of Courage, Valour, Wisdom and Moral Values (ILLUSTRATED)

44 Fantasy Stories - Chandamama Stories of Courage, Valour, Wisdom and Moral Values (ILLUSTRATED)

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Author: Kunwar Anil Kumar
Editor(s): Shaunak Srivastava
Publisher: Manoj Publications
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 207
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8181334763


This fascinating volume contains selected stories of courage, valor, wisdom and moral values.

It is since time immemorial that small children have been asking for moon, and their mothers have been amusing them with this celestial object. And one thing goes without saying is that this celestial object is the most lovable of all the objects in the universe. The young mothers relate themselves to moon as his sisters and call it maternal uncle – Chandamama – of their children; and on the other hand Chandamama also does not find children less lovable. He tells them lullabies to lull them to sleep. He amuses the children with the stories of fairies, kings and queens, sorcery, magical power of ogres and ogresses, genie, victory of virtues over vices, beautiful animals and flowers.

Chandamama plays hide-and-seek with children and amuses them endlessly. He hides behind the clouds, but is careful enough to put a silver ring around the clouds as a measure of assurances to children that he has not gone away; he is still there. He has as many stories in his stock as the number of twinkling stars in the sky. It is this enormous love for the earthlings that he displays by coming up when the sun has gone to rest.

And in order to continue this sweet and beautiful relationship between Chandamama and the sweet little children for ever, this bouquet of beautiful stories in the form of a book is in your hands.


A worthy Disciple
Who was Wiser
Deeds or Destiny
Intelligence Test
Theft of Milk
Real Gurudakshina
Never Fall prey to Vanity
Learning the Hard way
True Accomplishment
Benefits of Loyalty
Breaking the Magic Spell
A Tree called to Appear as a Witness
Open your Inner Eye
Who Was He?
A Fool’s Errand
A Thief Caught Red-Handed
Golden Axe
Story of Seven Celestial Nymphs
Subsisting of Sinful Earnings
End of a Vain’s Vanity
No Vice Like Avarice
A Starling Under Magic Spell
The Trees Smiled Gain
Right Perception
Sow the Seeds of Good Deeds
Duty Without emotional Involvement
An Artist and His Dedication
Never Underestimate Anyone
Being in the Company of Ascetics
Strange Justice
The Reward of Honesty
Everyone is a Thief in This World
The Definition of Humanity
Late Realization
Tit for Tat
Determination Changes Fate
The Grandeur of Beneficence
Deeds, Not Appearances
Every Man’s House is His Castle
Change of Heart
Self-Help is the Only Way
Truly Virtuous
Feeling of Guilt
Boon Granted By a Saint