Habba Khaatoon & Arnimal - Queens of Songs  (Kashmiri Romanised+English)

Habba Khaatoon & Arnimal - Queens of Songs (Kashmiri Romanised+English)

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Author: Habba Khaatoon
Translator(s): Triokinath Raina
Publisher: Indialog Publications
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 128
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8187981431


This book aims to introduce the two queens of song in Kashmiri poetry, Habba Khaatoon and Arnimaal. Though they were separated by a period of two hundred years, they are presented together because they remain the torchbearers of lyricism in Kashmir.

This bilingual collection pays tribute to the lives and works of two of Kashmir's best-loved poets, Habba Khaatoon and Arnimaal. Separated by at least two centuries, both of them are acknowledged today as the queens of Kashmiri lyric-poetry. While Vaakh in Kashmiri poetry is described as a vehicle for expressing any mystical or spiritual experience, Vatsun gives voice to the pain and the ecstasy of the human soul.

Habba Khaatoon composed her legendary Vatsun in the sixteenth century, a tradition that Arnimaal continued two hundred years later, in a styled that was her own.

These verses are accompanied by a detailed introduction to Habba Khaatoon and Arnimall.



The Times
The Legends
The Age of Lyricism
Habba Khaatoon as Poetess
An Abiding Influence
The Poems of Habba Khaatoon


The Times
The Life of Arnimall
Arnimaal as Poetess
Summing Up
The Poems of Arnimaal


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