Zen and the Art of Living

Zen and the Art of Living

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Author: Osho
Editor(s): Ma Yoga Anurag / Ma Ananda Vandana
Publisher: Fusion Books
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 218
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8171823971


In this collection of talks on Zen Buddhism, Osho brings special flavor of the song sung from the poems of Zen master Ikkyu. Gentle as a summer breeze, yet piercing as the sharpest sword, Ikkyu's poems reflect the clarity of Buddha-Mind.

Osho says: I am not saying any new thing every day. The truth is very simple and it can be said in a few lines. But if you don't hear it, I have to tell it again and again.

I go on talking to you so that one day I will be able to persuade you to listen to the silence that has happened to me. And those who have started understanding me, they are not listening to my words any more they are listening to my presence.

Many of you have already entered into a wordless contact with me. If you listen to my words, that too is only because those words contain something of the wordless.

That's why when new people come who are not acquainted with me and my ways, they cannot understand what is happening here. Something is happening here, but it is very elusive. It cannot be explained to the outsiders. It is a love relationship.

I go on talking to you, the same things. I talk out of love. You listen to me out of love, Talking and listening is not relevant but the communion. Talking and listening is just an excuse for the communion to happen.



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