Madh Pradesh - HINDI   (ILLUSTRATED)


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Author: Nand Kishore Sharma
Translator(s): Roshini Malik
Publisher: Viveka Foundation
Year: 2002
Language: Hindi
Pages: 64
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8188251089


Translated into Hindi from English original, this comic book in medium format beautifully illustrated in color on art paper presents fascinating, dramatic, piteous and hilarious world of myths, legends and folk tales.

In this volume we invite you to walk with us on the golden sands of Madh Pradesh. Experience the vast beauty and the relentless ferocity of the desert and hear its plaintive songs and sounds wafting through the blue-black night.

The stories in this volume share the heart aches of the immortal love stories of Madh Pradesh such as Madechi Mumal, the pain of women separated from their beloveds, such as the one in Panihari, the wonder of legends like the retreat of Hakda Lake and Teelon ki Prol, the bravery of jhunjars like Buto Pir, and the sharp incisive wit of the desert women, treaded by the harsh climate and the instinct to preserve their home and selves. And of course, there are the stories, perennial in their wisdom and humor, narrated from generation to generation.

All this and more awaits you inside.