Santhal Gatha - HINDI    (ILLUSTRATED)


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Author: Neeti Sethi Bose
Translator(s): Richa Sharan
Publisher: Viveka Foundation
Year: 2003
Language: Hindi
Pages: 64
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8188251097


Translated into Hindi from English original, this comic book in medium format beautifully illustrated in color on art paper presents fascinating, dramatic, piteous and hilarious world of myths, legends and folk tales and enables us to see how intelligence confronts power, compassion confronts wealth and women subvert a patriarchal world.

In this volume, we travel with the bongas into the world of the Santhals, one of the largest tribal communities of India. Circle the earth with Hans and Hansil and see how Thakur, the Supreme God, created the first ancestors. While Thakaram created the plough and changed the course of history, Maran Baru negotiated with man and cattle to redefine their relationship forever. Know the stories behind the Karam and Sohrae festivals and experience the horror of witch-hunting! Not to be relegated to the footnotes of history is the Santhal rebellion and its unsung heroes.

All this and much more awaits you inside!