Aithihyamala - The Garland of Legends  ILLUSTRATED

Aithihyamala - The Garland of Legends ILLUSTRATED

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Author: Kottarathil Sankunny
Translator(s): Rukmini Sekhar / Subir Roy
Publisher: Viveka Foundation
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 64
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8188251100


This comic book in a large format beautifully illustrated in color on art paper presents a world of medieval Hinduism extending down to the present. Aithihyamala is one of the most popular books to come out of Kerala.

Written in Malayalam in the early decades of this century, these fascinating legends began to get compiled and published in book form in 1909.

Aithiyamala: The Garland of Legends is a string of stories, as varied, mysterious, dark and playful as the monsoons of Kerala from where its author, Kottarathil Sankunny hails. If Moosssu, the miracle doctor of Vayakkara, cures with commonsense, then Kochuraman, the mart little lad cures with a strange mantra. Meet the patriotic Diwan of Calicut, the yakshi of Kayamkulam, and the Namboodiri who shocked his community with strange rituals.

Explore the legend of Arakkal and Chirakkal and meet the most lovable elephant in the world! Last but not least, swing to the lyrics of Kerala's legends, Kunchun Nambiar and Swati Tirunal. All this and more awaits you inside!