American Power & the New Mandarins

American Power & the New Mandarins

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Author: Noam Chomsky
Publisher: Penguin
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 404
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0143030183


This is quintessential Chomsky, combining a clear, fact-based critique of American overseas policy with an acute sense of moral outrage at the deceptions and hypocrisy that defend it on the home front.

With America’s foreign entanglements depending by the month, highlighted by the recently declared war on Iraq, there is need for an independent analysis of America’s role in the world. American Power and the New Mandarins, Noam Chomsky’s first political book and widely considered to be among the most cogent and powerful statements against the American war in Vietnam, is a timely reminder of the perils of imperial democracy.


A searing criticism of the system of values and decision-making that drove the United States to the jungles of Southeast Asia.
-Michael R Beschloss, Washington Post Book World

The importance of this book lies in its power to free our minds from old perspectives, to stimulate new efforts at historical, political and social thought.
-Robert Sklar, The Nation


Foreword by Howard Zinn


Objectivity and Liberal Scholarship

The Revolutionary Pacifism of A J Muste:
On the Backgrounds of the Pacific War

The Logic of Withdrawal

The Bitter Heritage: A Review

Some Thoughts on Intellectuals and the Schools

The Responsibility of Intellectuals

On Resistance

Supplement to On Resistance