Indian Economy - Problems of Development & Planning

Indian Economy - Problems of Development & Planning

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Author: A N Agrawal
Publisher: Wishwa Prakashan
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 742
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8173281106


In its present 29th edition, the book has been thoroughly revised with a view to highlight the recent trends and developments in the country’s economy as also the policy-measures adopted by the Government to tackle the changing economic scenario and problems.

Three new sections on Task force on Taxes, the Twelfth Finance Commission and Progress under the Ninth plan have been added at appropriate places. Besides, Chapter 58 deals with the main aspects of the current Tenth Five-Year Plan. All this will enable the reader to properly understand the present state of the economy and the progress that it is making.

To equip the reader with the analytical tools for understanding the Indian economy, the first two chapters explain the economics of underdevelopment and development. The next two chapters give an overview of the past and the present state of the Indian economy.

Chapters on natural resources, human resources (encompassing population, labour-force, and human capital), physical capital and infrastructure describe the productive capacity of the economy.

Considerable space is then devoted to the study of national income, its industrial origin and its distribution as also poverty. Sectoral problems bearing on agriculture, industry and services have been dealt with in detail.

Current problems like price-rise, deficit in government budgets, deficits in balance of payments, unemployment, farm-size and efficiency, industrial sickness, foreign direct investments, debt burden, convertible rupee system, privatization of public sector etc. have been given due place and analysed in detail. Planning and its various aspects have been comprehensively explained. These include: features and objectives of planning; centralized and decentralized planning; strategy of development; financing of plans; progress under planning with a section evaluation of Ninth Plan. A separate chapter deals with the main aspects of the current Tenth Plan. The last chapter of the book highlights the place of India in the world economy.


Preface to the 28th Edition

Preface to the 1st Edition



Indian Economy: A Historical Perspective

Present State and the Perspective

Economic Reforms

Natural Resources

Population Growth and Urbanization

Population: Development and Policy

Human Capital

Workforce and Occupational Structure

Unemployment and Employment


National Income: Measurement, Growth and Industrial Origin

Income Distribution and Poverty

Capital Formation

Domestic Saving

Agriculture: Role Backwardness and Progress

Crops, Production, Productivity, Inputs and Surpluses

Land Reforms

Farm-Size and Efficiency

Agricultural Labour

Agriculture: Mechanisation and Green Revolution

Agricultural Finance and Rural Indebtedness

Marketing of Agricultural Produce

Agricultural Prices

Cooperative Movement

Food Problem and Public Distribution System

Rural Development

Industrial Growth: Performance and Problems

Small-Scale and Cottage Industries

Public Sector and Private Sector

Industrial Finance

Monopoly, Concentration and Multinationals

Industrial Labour

New Industrial Policy

Financial System

Money and Money Market

Reserve Bank and Monetary Policy

Commercial Banks

Princes, Money and Inflation

Central Finances and New Fiscal Policy

Tax Structure: Problems and Reforms

Agricultural Income Tax, Expenditure Tax, Modvat and Service Tax

Parallel Economy

Public Debt and Deficit Financing

Federal Finances

Balance of Payments: Problems and Policies

Foreign Trade: Trends and Problems

New Trade Policy: Features and Evaluations

WTO: Features and Assessment

Rupee: Exchange Rate and Convertibility

Foreign Capital

Economic Planning: Features and Objectives

Planning: Centralisation and Decentralisation

Strategy of Development

Financing of Plans

Progress Under Planning

Tenth Five-Year Plan (2002-2007)
India and The World Economy


Appendix: Sample Questions