Brothers in the Raj - The Lives of John and Henry Lawrence

Brothers in the Raj - The Lives of John and Henry Lawrence

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Author: Harold Lee
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 437
ISBN/UPC (if available): 019579415X


This comprehensive dual biography of the two brothers highlights their personal relationships, their careers, and examines the nature and effect of their engagement in the professional issues of their time.

In doing so it also sheds light on the central issues of governance in the Punjab and elsewhere in mid-nineteenth century British India. By examining the divergent points of view of the two protagonists, we are better able to understand the evolution of the process that ultimately determined the nature of British rule in the Punjab and beyond.

John and Henry Lawrence were prominent figures in the mid-nineteenth century Raj, and the first administrators of the Punjab. However, Henry, a military man turned political officer, and John, a trained civil servant, differed greatly in their approach to the governance of the province.

Their personal falling-out led to Henry’s removal, first to Rajasthan, then to Lucknow, where he died while defending the Residency during the Great Revolt of 1857. John, who had remained in Lahore, provided men and arms for the recapture of Delhi from the insurgents, and was hailed in Britain as the saviour of the Indian Empire. In the 1860s, he returned to India as Viceroy.


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A Note on Quotations


Family and the Early Years, 1809-1829

Apprentice Years, 1830-1839

Promotion and Recognition, 1840-1843

Kathmandu and Delhi, 1843-1845

The Punjab Agency and Jullundur Doab, 1846

Staying on in 1846: Lahore, Kashmir, and Bhyrowal

The Residency after Bhyrowal, January - August 1847

Entire Interference: the Residency Transformed, August 1847- May 1848

Rather Delicately Situated:
Henry and the New Punjab Raj, 1848-1849

Together on the Board, 1849-1852

So Irksome, so Painful:
Dissension and Dissolution, 1850-1853

John’s Punjab Raj, 1853- 1857

Exile and Return: Mount Abu and Lucknow, 1853-1857

Last Post: Lucknow, 1857

A Kind of Madness:
Delhi, Imperial Punjab, and the Restoration of British Rule, 1857-1858

Last Posts: Indian Council and Viceroyalty, 1859-1869

Last Years, 1869-1879




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