Iraq War 2003 - Rise of the New Unilateralism

Iraq War 2003 - Rise of the New Unilateralism

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Author: K Santhanam
Editor(s): K Santhanam
Publisher: IDSA
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 174
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8186019472


This topical book of high international interest offers an incisive analysis from a developing world of the nature of the crisis, the pol-mil objectives of USA, military build-up, the role of oil as a key factor and the sense of helplessness felt by the UN and the international community.

A group of 9 scholars and professionals in the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, New Delhi - the IDSA Iraq Insight Team - has been tracking the crescendo of events in the current Iraq crisis from the political, economic and military perspectives. The team has attempted to analyse the ebb and flow of events since early 2002 to generate a multi-disciplinary view of the crisis. Its members bring together professional expertise, experience and knowledge of about 200 person-years in fields ranging from the armed forces to economics, politics, international relations and technology.

Out of these complex set of inter-linked elements, it attempts to place the single-minded agenda of US neo-conservative, right wing groups for full spectrum political dominance-in addition to full military dominance which exists –as the primary driver behind the Administration’s new unilateralism and the present war on Iraq.



On US Political-Military Objectives in Iraq and its Grand Strategy for the 21st Century

The Iraq War and UN’s Struggle for Relevance

Apolitical Overview of the Iraq Crisis

The Oil Factor

A Profile of Saddam Hussein and his Politics

Military-Meteorological Aspects

Ground Forces

Naval Roles

An Unequal Air War

Military Utilisation of Space by USA


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