The Far Horizons

The Far Horizons

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Author: Darshan Singh Maini
Publisher: Writers Workshop
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 152
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8175959886


We have been driven from ordeal to ordeal, and the quest has taken us far and wide, But the questions remain true and fast, and the ambiguities’ve turned into ambivalent songs. This sums up the theme of this poetic anthology.

Since my last volume of verse, The Aching Vision (WW, Calcutta, 2000), We have had to face one crisis after another-ordeals both of body and spirit. No wonder, the poems in this volume also turn round the axis of the ordeal of consciousness, to recall a Henry James phrase. Thus, this book is a sort of sequel to The Aching Vision.



The Pink Pearl
Wild Day-Dreams
Vampire Love
A Bargain
The Traffic on the Road
Games of Love
A Temple in Decay
An Opium Truth
Life, Dear Life
The Dialectic of Love
The Insolent Imagination
Tragic Love
What Love Now?
Dream Thief
A Glutton of Love
A Pearl Thrown Away
The Party is Over
A Toy-Ball
A Dove’s Flight
The Last Call
Art into Life
The Right Time
A Trinity of Egos
The Grandpa Tree
My Anima
A Nun’s Veil
Death of a Sentiment
A High Dream
Pascal’s Thinking Reed
A Lotus Woman
Mistress Memory
Fools of History
Gardens of Song
One Word More
My Two Worlds
The Poet as Priest
Spider Love
W B Yeats in a Dublin Pub
The Froth of Words
Thorns of Memory
The Poet’s Mark
The Atticks of Heart
The Trashed Dreams
Roses of Memory


The Hooded Hawk
Wild Horses
Cloistered Thought
Withered into a Word
To Reach the Mark
A Lost Call
Illness and Imperialism
A Patched Coat
Insanity of the Moment
Waiting for the Rains
Ride Out the Blaze
The Fission
A Profligate imagination
That Dear Conman
A Retreat of Words
The Milk of Morning
The Pincers of Pain
The Stone Reality
An Old Tree
The Voyage Home
A Return
The Big Climb
Thought Garbage
The Questions
The Bird in the Tree
Diamonds of Thought
A Killing
Sounds of Silence
Tolstoy’s Fate
The Doves and the Hawks
The Roses of Thought
Affianc’d to Pain
A Music is Born
The Spoused
The Bite of Reality
Pain, Father Pain


A Bit of Leg
In Search of Redemption
The Heavens Beyond
The Wounding Question
Will the Heavens Bend?
The Thunder Speaks
Another Stake
A Rendezvous
Temple of God
Take Me Home, O Lord
The Call
God And Karma
A Request, A Prayer
Tissues of Allegory
The Third Ear
The Rose-Garden Revisited
A Stony Truth
An Everest Ahead
The White Vision
My Parole
A Lighthouses on the Rock
The Longer Sleep
The Moment of Reprieve
The Black and the White
The Screws of the Spirit
A Huge Leap
Naked Word
The Sails of the Spirit
The City Eternal