A Traveller and The Road - The Journal of An Indian Comnmunist

A Traveller and The Road - The Journal of An Indian Comnmunist

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Author: Mohit Sen
Publisher: Rupa
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 524
ISBN/UPC (if available): 812910105X


Now in paper back edition, this work is a stirring account of the life and work of veteran Communist Mohit Sen during the last six decades of the twentieth century. Through his experience and reading, He endeavours to work out the theory and practice of those he calls the new thinking communists. This biography, says Sen, is a part of this continuing effort.

While fondly recalling his childhood; student days and fascination for the Communist movement; the Cambridge days; his association with the CPI and his gradual departure from that party, Mohit Sen leads you through the history and politics of contemporary India as well as that of the Indian Communist movement.

The de-Stalinisation drive, the Chiness aggression of 1962, the split of the communist Party in 1969, liberation of Bangladesh, the Emergency –one passes many a milestone of Indian history through this absorbing narrative.

It is necessary to try and understand why the Communist Movement succeeded, as it is to analyze why in the end it did not win. In India, the Communist Movement advanced, but did not triumph, it passed through serous setbacks, but was not defeated. Sen’s support to the emergency, his consequent departure from the CPI, his continuing association with the Congress leadership as well as his distinct political insight provide a fresh perspective to Indian politics.




My Early Years
Growing Up in Calcutta
In Cambridge
In China
The Years in the CPI Headquarters
The Chinese Attack
Talking with Pandit Nehru
The Split and the CPI’s New Line
CPI and the Prague Spring
Transition and Turmoil
First Years in Ajoy Bhawan
Bangladesh and the Emergency
The Emergency and After
Meetings with Indira Gandhi
Indira Gandhi, Tirupati and Gujarat
Rajiv Gandhi’s Endeavour
The Year 1991
The Last Decade
Vanaja Dies