Yajurved        (A Set of 2 Music CDs)

Yajurved (A Set of 2 Music CDs)

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Author: A Compilation
Bramha Shakar Vyas/Kavi Ram Narayan Agrawal
Publisher: BMG Crescendo
Year: 2001
Language: multilingual
Pages: N/A
ISBN/UPC (if available): CD40323/18


This set of Music CDs features the true and pure traditional recitation of Yajurved for peace, purity, health and wealth. For the first time, some selected richayen of the four Vedas is being presented in the form of Musicassettes and Compact Discs.

Gayatri Mantra, Shanti Mantra, Sukh Mantra, Siddhi Mantra, Stuti Mantra, Aradhana Mantra, Prathana Mantra, Aryaved Gyan, Bhrahman Gyan, Parmatma, from Atma to body knowledge with social phenomena, through the Vedas in the earth are incarnated from the voice of the devas.

The richayen of the vedas are the narration of the devas. We are trying to present this pack of 8 Mc’s and Cd’s through selected richayen, for the welfare of the masses and benefit of mankind.

The richayen echo where the Vedas are chanted, and it is here the devas reside. Complete peace, happiness, goodwill and welfare are derived from where the devas reside.

Before the start of each day and before the commencement of any ritual and functions or during the course of the day, hearing of these richayen, Riddi, Siddhi, Mangal (welfare), Subh (good wishes), Swastha (health), Sampada (prosperity), Sampatti (wealth), Shanti (peace), Gyan (knowledge) and Bhakti (devotion) is gained.

Volume I

Tanme Manah Shiv Sankalpmastu
Namast Rudra Manyave
Chamak Mantra
Purush Sukta
Yunjate Man
Sanshth Me

Volume II

Rakshagna Sukta
Navgraha Mantra
Dashdikpal Mantra
Apratirath Sukta
Saroa Sukta
Longevity Mantra