The Holy Sunder Gutka  ( GURMUKHI+ENGLISH)

The Holy Sunder Gutka ( GURMUKHI+ENGLISH)

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Author: Ajit Singh Aulakh
Translator(s): Ajit Singh Aulakh
Publisher: B Chattar Singh Jiwan Singh
Year: 2014
Language: multilingual
Pages: 816
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8176015288


This updated edition carries complete text, transliteration and English translation.



Jap Ji Sahib
Jaap Sahib
Tav Prasad Sawaiye
Chaupaee Sahib
Anand Sahib
Shabad Hazaare
Shabad Hazaare (Tenth Guru)
Tav Prasad Sawaiye Deenan
Tav Prasad Chaupaee
Baarah Maaha Manjh
Rahraas Sahib
Kirtan Sohila
Sukhmanee Sahib
Aasa Di Vaar



Japji Sahib
Jaap Sahib
Tav Prasaad Savaiye
Caupaee Sahib
Anand Sahib
Shabab Hazaare Tenth Guru
Tav Prasaad Savaiye Deenan
Tav Prasaad Chaupaee
Baarah Maahaa Maanjh
Rahraas Shib
Kirtan Sohilla


The Life of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji
The God
God’s Name
True Guru
Jeewan Mukat
Chaar Varan (Four Castes)
Muktee (Salvation)
Sixty eight pilgrimage places
The Eighteen Hindu Mythical Books
The Eighteen Supernatural Powers
The Word
The Seven Underworlds
Twenty Seven Hindu Ceremonial Books
Sixteen Sorts of Decorations
Sixteen Potencies
Six Religious Rites
The Four Religious Books
The Four Vedas or Religious books of Hindus
The Four Stages of Thought
The Four Ages
The Four Sources of Creation
Four Religious Institutions
Four Directions
Four Boons or four Mind’s Desires or four Precious Objects
Four Streams of Fire
Four Kinds of Salvation
The Eighty four Men of Miracles
Fourteen Precious Articles
Four Couriers
Twenty Four Incarnations
Ten Directions
Dasam Duaar
The Bull
Nine Treasures
Nine Men of Miracles
Five Selected Devotees
Five Realms