My Little India

My Little India

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Author: Manoj Das
Publisher: National Book Trust
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 256
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8123739532


Splashed with legends, episodes from history, lights on unforgettable character old and new, this lyrical narrative, takes us on a unique journey through India, offering us a rare glimpse of a resplendent psyche.

Here tradition and modernity jostle for space heedless of the passage of time. Cities tracing their genesis to the early twilights of time and myths and legends peeping from several niches of daily life. Yet, the work documents flashes of history and records the changes wrought on the façade of the land.



The Sinister Twilights
A Night To Remember
The Haunted Islet And Its Last Great Guest
Death After The Loveliest Sunset
A Domain Beyond God
In Quest Of The Mythical Forest (1)
In Quest Of The Mythical Forest (2)
In Quest Of The Mythical Forest (3)
The Shadow Of The Silent Princess (1)
The Shadow Of The Silent Princess (2)
The Tragedy Of Greatness (1)
The Tragedy Of Greatness (2)
The Trustee Nonpareil
The Bride Of Krishna
Rider Of The Blue Horse
One And A Quarter Of A Man
A Tale Of The Blushing City
Imprints Of Some Tender Palms
Into The World’s First Quiz-Master’s Realm
Legend Of The Mysterious Fruit
The God-Souled Himalayas
On The Perfect Singer And His Perfect Listeners
The Fading Path to Liberations
A Midnight Rendezvous
The Forbidden Cave: the Nursery Of the Great Epic
Farewell To The Workshop Of Vyasa
A Drive with A Dialogue On Dreams
A Territory Of Innocence
Denizens Of Snow And Infinity
Footprints Of The Enlightened One
Memoirs Of A Great Dawn
The City Older than Time
In Quest Of The Lost Peacocks
The Enigmatic Emissary
A Tryst with The Unknown
Dig, Boy, Dig!
Babylon In All Its Glory in India
Seven Hundred Brides For The Island
A Site Recreated From a Classic
A Tale Of Two Cities And A Tragic Hero
A Night In The Forest
A Thousand Hidden Isles
Two Lovers Of the Lord
IS the Lord’s Bliss Still Undisturbed?
In Search Of An Evening Marked By A Lantern And stars
A Legend And An Illumination