Anglo Indians - A Life Lived Through Six British Monarchs

Anglo Indians - A Life Lived Through Six British Monarchs

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Author: Elizabeth Faithful
Publisher: Originals
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 147
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8188629006


This book records life in the twentieth century for Anglo Indians. It portrays something of their lifestyles of a world which no longer exists - the Raj, a childhood steeped in British tradition and the changes which took place with Independence, partition, and the subsequent refugee settlements.

In this book she has tried to portray something of the lifestyle of Her forbears but most of all to immortalize lady who played a large and important part in both her won and the life of all her siblings.Her writings try to record life drawn of course from her own experience as she feels that she is probably one of the last remaining of her generation and that the story of these people will slip into anonymity.

My mother always said she was a true Anglo-Indian she says-in that the original term was applied to those of European extraction (mostly British) who lived in India. Those of mixed parentage were first referred to as Eurasian- a fact which they often tried to disguise. Many romantic films and books such as King of the Khyber Rifles tried, not very successfully to portray this. As the years went on and mixed marriages became more and more common, it came to mean anybody with one parent of European extraction and eventually covered a much larger range!