Mysteries From Forgotten Worlds - Secrets of Lost Civilization

Mysteries From Forgotten Worlds - Secrets of Lost Civilization

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Author: Charles Bertlitz
Publisher: Rupa
Year: 1993
Language: English
Pages: 225
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


In this fascinating and ground-breaking work, million-selling author Charles Berlitz examines the cryptic historical puzzles scattered across the world, and offers a controversial explanation of a highly advanced race of forgotten people who populated the Western World in a time pre-dating recorded history.

Did the legendary lost City of Atlantis really exist? If not, what explanation can be given for the remnants of this mythical empire still to be seen in the Azores? And what of the existence of apparently inexplicable monoliths, such as Stonehenge, which can be found all over the world? Or even ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics discovered on cave walls in South America, which seem to indicate that the continent was known to civilization long before Columbus.

A rash claim or radical challenge to contemporary theories of ancient history? This extraordinary book must be read to be believed.


The Unexplained Civilization Before History

Cryptic Messages From the Past

The Lost Knowledge of History

A Time Capsule 45 Stories High

The Impossible Buildings

Sunken Cities off the American Coast

Lost Continents and the bottom of the Sea

The Gods from the Sea

The Time Curtain and the Lost Ages of Main

The Long Memory of Race

The Shakings of the World

Warnings from the Distant Past