Plato - A Very Short Introduction

Plato - A Very Short Introduction

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Author: Julia Annas
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 109
ISBN/UPC (if available): 019280216X


This book introduces Plato’s many-sided and elusive genius in a way that is stimulating and accessible. In ethics, metaphysics, philosophy of mind, and theory of knowledge, Plato’s wide-ranging, bold, and influential ideas still challenge us today.

Few philosophers have been more intent on vigorous philosophizing than Plato. But none has matched the imagination and creativity with which he engages readers and entices them to join him in philosophical conversation.


A thoroughly good idea. Snappy, small format…stylish design…perfect to pop into your pocket for spare moments.

-Lisa Jardine, The Times

A very good idea, these Very Short Introductions, a new concept from OUP.
-Nicholas Lezard, Guardian

Annas’s sparkling and beautifully illustrated little book manages to convey with splendid clarity, and with no observable rush or compression, not only what Platonic writing is like (brilliant, challenging, elusive), and how the dialogues have historically been read, but above all of why Plato matters for the modern reader.

-Christopher Rowe, University of Durham


List of illustrations

Arguing with Plato

Plato’s name and other matters

Drama, fiction, and the elusive author

Love, sex, gender, and philosophy

Virtue, in me and in my society

My soul and myself

The nature of things


Further reading