Dance Trance - The Ethno Techno Project   (Music CD)

Dance Trance - The Ethno Techno Project (Music CD)

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Author: Niklas Holmberg
Publisher: Times Music
Year: 01/2003
Language: Sanskrit
Pages: N/A
ISBN/UPC (if available): TDFDN 005 C


This Music CD features spiritual music and dance with Bhatia Gets and Slakes.

This Music CD includes following tracks:

Sloka 3.41

Dancetrance 4.25

Smadhi 4.15

Om 3.57

Bhakti (Part 1& 2) 13.01

Bol Do Abhi 4.27

A Song For Broken Hearts 5.41

Mantra Tala 2.47

Vishwas Sada Rakhein 6.12

Pranamam 10.08