Tanav - Music for Relaxation    (Music CD)

Tanav - Music for Relaxation (Music CD)

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Author: Pandit Raghunath Seth
Publisher: BMG Crescendo
Year: 1997
Language: Hindi
Pages: N/A
ISBN/UPC (if available): CD50733


The human life is a relentless quest for peace. Indian classical music is perhaps the only art form which is capable of giving those priceless moments of inner peace. It provides succor to the body as well as the soul. It enables you to experience beatitude which is enduring.

The human being today is undergoing suffering of different kinds. On the one hand there is poverty & hunger. On the other hand developed societies are yearning for inner peace. . Material success can provide momentary pleasures but not the tranquility after which the soul hankers.

Here is an attempt to reach this lofty goal. The eminent flautist & composer Pt Raghunath Seth has fashioned this soul-stirring music. He has presented two ragas in the usual alaap & taan format. The alaaps have been conceived in a manner which will be solace for a tormented soul. For those who are quickly bowled over by Shuddha Swaras there is Shuddha Kalyan. For those who are swayed by the Komal Swaras there is the raga Darbari played in elaborate.

The descending mend in the raga Bihag encompassing sequences ga & sa induces languor. Then the repeated flourishes with nyasa points on ga & pa have a charming monotony which makes the eye-lids heavy with stupor. With the slow ascent to the uttarang dizziness invades all your senses and the entire experience of the raga acts as a palliative. It reduces stress & helps to restore one’s mental equilibrium.

This Music CD includes following tracks:

Mantrochchar 6:22

Easing Tension 3:16
(Based on Darbari)

Relax a While 23:06
(Based on Shudh Kalyan)

Forget Follies 19:21
(Based on Raga Bihag)