Meeting Challenge of the Big Powers

Meeting Challenge of the Big Powers

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Author: Ali Ul Haque
Publisher: Kitab Bhavan
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 316
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8171513263


Based on extensive research with a distinctive style, the author argues that the world had witnessed glimpse of a true world government about fourteen centuries ago when Prophet Muhammad laid its foundation in practice. If that system is adopted again then redemption from barbarism and war can be achieved easily.

One of the major tragedies in human history in Palestine, amid the rivalries, the fraud, the conquest and the killing, was the evacuation of about 700000 Palestine’s Arabs in 1948, that was executed with the collaboration of the big-powers of the world. The Third World clinging to international economic and financial institutions dominated by the big-powers in the main reason of their backward economy. Most of those institutions were set up in the immediate aftermath of the Second World War; so, they may be able to utilize them fully for their economic interest and resources.

They legitimized the possession of the terrible weapons in the hands of US, Russia, Britain, France and china, the five most war-problems have been on the agenda of UNO since a long time with no result; and the preachers of civility, nobility, freedom and liberty for the whole of mankind are the silent spectators. Very recent example is the brutal killing of Muslims in Bosnia-Harzegovina, Iraq and Russian Muslim's Republic of Chechnya. The extreme religious Dogma is not yet dead in Israel. The Oslo Peace Agreement and the US-PLO and Israel dialogue has not been in favour of Israel, since the defiance and transgression have become the official policy of the Israeli Government.



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