Indian Contemporary Art - Post Independence

Indian Contemporary Art - Post Independence

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Author: Eminent Contributors
Publisher: Vedehra Art Gallery
Year: 2000
Language: English
Pages: 316
ISBN/UPC (if available): 87737/2000


This book attempts to capture vignettes of contemporary heritage of Indian painting and profile the artists' personal journey in independent India.


It is with a sense of satisfaction and pleasure that I present this comprehensive volume on post-independence contemporary art in India. I wish to thank all the artists for their most personal and wholehearted support. It is their unconditional help and enthusiasm which has made this publication possible. Every attempt has been made to include all artists who have made an impression on the development of contemporary art. However, it is possible that we may have overlooked some important contributions in this field. Such omission, it nay, would be inadvertent, and I request forbearance.

The Indian artist today lives in a country which has opened its economy, where the old gives way to the new, where paradigms are swift changing in a confluence of both tradition and modernity, and a cultural heritage of several millennia indirectly influences each one of us. The diversity in our country in its myriad dimensions-wealth, urbanization, religious beliefs, languages, is immense. In many ways India is literally a meeting point of the orient and the occident. Her diversity has to be experienced to be believed, let alone understood. The Indian contemporary artist lives in such a milieu, continually exposed to its contradictions and celebrations. His art takes birth in a playground of emotions-in pain, predilection, desire and hope; in the joys of simple living and tenacity and passion of life’s rhythm tempered by intellectual resonations of a once glorious civilization.

I wish to express my deep gratitude to M F Husain for this cover design and to Yashodhara Dalmia, Ella Datta, Chaitanya Sambrani, Martha Jakimowicz-Karle, Santo Datta, Mr Todi of Ajanta offset and all my colleagues at the Vadehra Art Gallery who have made this publication possible.


Essays by

Yashodhara Dalmia

Ella Data

Chaitanya Sambrani

Martha Jakimowicz-Karle

Santo Datta

Indian Contemporary Artists: Profiles

Photographic Acknowledgments

Contributor’s Profiles