Bauls: The Dancing Mystics    ( A Set of 2 Book)

Bauls: The Dancing Mystics ( A Set of 2 Book)

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Author: Osho
Editor(s): Ma Yoga Sudha
Publisher: Diamond
Year: 2001
Language: English
Pages: 304
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


Osho is an illuminating speaker on Zen, Taoism, Tibetan Buddhism, Christianity, and ancient Greek philosophy, and also a prolific author. This set of 2 books carry Osho's ten lectures on Bauls.

Bauls: The Dancing Mystics

Love, love life, love all that surrounds you, and let your roots spread as far and as wide as possible. You will start touching the feet of God. Your flowers will start being offered to the divine feet. Otherwise, remember –you will remain a dwarf.

Love is a must. It is the only nourishment for the soul. The body can exist with food; the soul can exist only with love. Let it not remain just a word; allow it to become a penetrating experience.

Love is worship for the Bauls, love is prayer for the Bauls, love is God for the Bouls.

Bauls: The Seekers of the Path

A Baul is a flowering. A Baul is a flowing energy. A Baul is not the ordinarily so –called religious,, A Baul is rally religious. He is not against the word, because he is not against God. It is His creation; he finds the temple of God everywhere. Every presence is full of His presence.

A Baul is a madman; that is the meaning of the word baul. It comes from a Sanskrit word, vatul, which means mad. Become mad in the name of god! Become mad in sheer joy! And then you will know what a Baul is. There is no way to define; I can only indicate. There is no way to even describe, but I am here, present- I am a Baul. You look into me, taste me a little, eat me, drink me; that may give you some definition. And if you rally want, if you rally desire the definition, then become a Baul.


A former university academic, Osho has been recognized…as an important spiritual philosopher…the teachings of Osho in fact encompass many religions, but he is not defined by any of them. Dictionary of Mysticism and the Occult, USA, Author: Nevill Drury

His incredible taped discourses, lectures and books have inspired me (and million of others) on the path of self evolution…His presence here is like a great bell tolling…awaken, awaken, awaken.

-James Coburn-USA, Actor


Bauls: The Dancing Mystics

The Roots And The Flowers Are One

When Doubt is Not, Trust Is

Close Your Eyes And Try To Catch Him

Remember To Stop In The Middle

Die Living

Bauls: The Seekers of the Path

Now is Not Part of Time

They Kill Lust with Lust

I’m Just Being to You

Be the Formless in You

Love is Death