The Master Is A Mirror    (A Set of 2 Books)

The Master Is A Mirror (A Set of 2 Books)

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Author: Osho
Publisher: Diamond
Year: 2001-02-01
Language: English
Pages: 295
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8171829120


Osho is an alive, vibrant, and powerful phenomenon impossible to ignore. The ultimate in human consciousness is personified in Osho. This set of 2 books feature discourses of Osho in interactive sessions with his disciples.

The Master Is A Mirror

There is an ancient parable of a very ugly woman who was very antagonistic towards mirrors because she thought, just as you all think, that it was the mirror that crated the ugliness in her- because when the mirror was not there, she was no, longer ugly. She was so madly against mirrors that whenever she would see a mirror, she would immediately break it.

The parable is significant. That’s what we are all doling in our lives in many ways. Whatsoever reflects out reality we want to escaper from because it is not gratifying.

Pankaja, here in my presence, or even when you think of me, if you feel yourself as immature, a retarded child, don’t try to explain it away in any way. This is the Truth.

And this is not only your truth; this is the truth of the whole of humanity. You are just fortunate that you have become aware of it.

You have come across a mirror. Braking the mirror is not going to help.


I think Osho is a great achievement of our age.

-Amrita Pritam

Osho…is really a fee thinking agnostic.
He is profoundly erudite and can explain the most abstract conceptions in simple language illustrated with witty anecdotes. He mocks gods, prophets, scriptures and religious practices and gives a totally new dimension to religion.

-Khuswant Singh

Reading Osho one wishes one had said what the Osho has said. There has never been anyone like him before. It is doubtful whether there will ever be anyone like him again.

- M V Kamath

Osho is a giant in the field of spiritual wisdom.

- Dr A N Deshpande

Osho has not only justified his command over worldly matters, but proved that he is the intellectual giant of the 20th century.

-The Daily Bombay

The Greatest Gamble

It has been a very strange nightmare, tremendously painful to the whole of humanity. A few cunning people- unintelligent but stubborn, stupid but adamant-managed to do all kinds of irrational things, and because others could not do them, they became great saints.

I have to fight my way continuously, because people started gathering around me and then immediately they would start expecting. If I refused them, I was not a saint; they disappeared. If I had accepted their ideas, they would have been my slaves for their whole lives…and strange ideas, which have no relationship at all as far as spiritual growth is concerned.

Osho offers both a seer’s vision and a brilliantly constructive blueprint for a new man and a new world. His wisdom is both strikingly individual and wholly universal, and with His inimitable style of humor, Osho shows clearly and uncompromisingly the dangers, challenges, and unique opportunities which face humanity at this crucial time in history.

If we cling to the past the only possibility is global suicide. If we drop the past the possibility arises of writing a new destiny of man.


The Master Is A Mirror

Zorba and Buddha:
Their Split is Your Social Disease

Indifference to the Mind Is Meditation

The Master is a Mirror

I Answer Your Questions
Just to Kill Them

The Birthplace of Love

The Three Initiations:
Student, Disciple, Devotee

The Greatest Gamble

The Taste of No-Mind

The Greatest Reality in the World

The Greatest Gamble

Meditation in the Marketplace, Not Marketplace Meditation

Not To Be, the Greatest Ecstasy