Be Silent and Know    (A Set of 2 Books)

Be Silent and Know (A Set of 2 Books)

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Author: Osho
Editor(s): Ma Yogas Sudha / Ma Deva Sarito / Ma Anand Savita
Publisher: Diamond
Year: 2001/03
Language: English
Pages: 328
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8171828051/ 0980


Osho embraces all that is sublime, truly beneficial to mankind; and yet, he is not identified with any particular system of thought or philosophy. This set of 2 books carry his spontaenous responses to live audience, which are of eternal sifnificance and which concern one and all. Spontaneous responses to live audience.

Be Silent and Know

God is not a person but only the presence. Feel it now! If you can ever feel it you can only feel it now—now or never. Hence I don’t give any opportunity for your mind. You would like me to say something about how to find God, where to find God, where to go. You will be perfectly happy if I give you ways, goals, fara way, distant goals; you will be tremendously happy. Why? Because the goal helps you to remain the same as you are, the goal helps you to remain asleep and dreaming. It becomes a new dream, a new desire, a new ambition: How to attain God? It becomes a new ego-trip.

God is this total existence happening. Be silent and know. There is nowhere to go, there is nothing to achieve, no ambition has to be fulfilled. God has already decided to be inside you –
that’s why you are alive.

Towards the Unknown

The indication that you are on the right path are very simple: your tensions will start disappearing, you will become more and more Cool, you will become more and more calm, you will find beauty in things which you have never, ever conceived could be beautiful.

The smallest things will start having tremendous significance. The whole world will become more and more mysterious every day; you will become less and less knowledgeable, more and more innocent-just like a child running after butterflies or collecting seashells on the beach.

You will feel life not as a problem but as a gift, as a blessing, as a benediction.


Osho is one of the most original minds in this second half of the twentieth century. Reading him is a sheer pleasure. Osho is undoubtedly master of words and knows how to use them. He should be read. Many passages from his books are quotable. I wish I had wsritten them myself.

-M V Kamath, noted columnist

His books are things to be treasured, their reading to be gone through for the sheer pleasure of the thrust and parry at a dynamic philosophy that Hinduism proves to be .. Not that he has not spoken on other philosophies of the world..his fantastic repertoire has taken in every thinker of every corner of the world who deserves mention and his interpretation of their philosophies is something unique.

-The Hindustan Times.


Be Silent and Know

Only Now

Thanks For The compliment

Just For Your Sake

He Died In Samadhi

Me, Enlightened?!

Towards the Unknown

My Disciples Are My Garden

From Information to Transformation

Be a Seeker, Not a Believer

The Sunflower Always Faces the Sun

Paradise in Only for the Courageous