Meghnad Saha  -  Scientist with a Vision

Meghnad Saha - Scientist with a Vision

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Author: Santimay Chatterjee
Enakshi Chatterjee/
Publisher: National Book Trust
Year: 2016
Language: English
Pages: 150
ISBN/UPC (if available): 97881237049337


Meghnad Saha will always be remembered for his Theory of Thermal Ionization and its application in the interpretation of stellar spectra. His theory is considered to be one of the ten major discoveries in astrophysics. A brief glimpse into his dynamic career is provided in this compact biography.

He directed his keen intellect to the problems of national planning, river control and calendar reform; he founded the Institute of Nuclear Physics which now carries his name and reorganized the Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science.



The Barefoot Boy (1893-1910)
The World Beyond (1911-1920)
Entry into International Science (1920-1922)
Years of Consolidation (1923-1938)
Back to Alma Mater - Birth of an Institute
National Planning
Saha in Parliament
His Last Years
The Man and his Beliefs


Appendix-I: List of Publications

Collected Scientific Papers
Collected Works

Appendix-II: Sample Writing

The Philosophy of Industrialisation
Institute of Nuclear Physics