God Men Con Men   (With  VCD of conversations with UG Krishnamurti)

God Men Con Men (With VCD of conversations with UG Krishnamurti)

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Author: Robert Carr
Publisher: Smriti Books
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 326
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8187967587


This dazzling book is written straight from the heart. It is the story of a lonely American who has always lived on the edge. In this book he rewinds and replays with heartbreaking simplicity the emotional memories of his lifelong struggle to find out the meaning and mystery of life.

His story reveals details of the deep impact made on his life and person by two great sprititual exponents of our eara, J Krishnamurti and U G Krishnamurti. A tale told with scorching honesty and colloquial informality, it is a must read for any on life's secular and spiritual journey.


I would call him a 21st century Siddhartha.
- Mahesh Bhatt





India-Land of Dreams and Merchant of Reality
Growing up in America
On the Mountain
The Beginning of the Center
Swami Ramdas, Servant of God
Friday Night was Flight Night
San Francisco and a New Life
The Two Krishnamurtis
Rishi Valley
Light Show Nights and Days
Back to San Francisco
The House of Transition
The Turning Point
Picking up the Pieces
Change for Change’s Sake
To Mumbai and Back to California
International Retirement
Returning Home
The Two Krishnamurtis - II
A Last Look Around