Corruption in India - The Roadblock to National Prosperity

Corruption in India - The Roadblock to National Prosperity

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Author: N Vittal
Publisher: Academic Foundation
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 188
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8171882870


The war against corruption is the mother of all wars. Through this easy-to-read book, the author, a former Central Vigilance Commissioner, shares with us his thoughts, ideas, and experiences on this critical subject and his vision of a corruption-free India.

Fighting corruption is like fighting a war: war is too dangerous a matter to be left to the generals. Fighting corruption is also an important matter not to be left only to agencies like the Central Vigilance Commission or the Central Bureau of Investigation.

The Author, therefore, emphatically points out that is necessary to sensitize the entire population of the country and bring together every citizen who wants to fight corruption.

A times of India poll on 7th May, 2002 showed that corruption is perceived to be the biggest problem facing the country today- The Number one problem.

Fifty-five years of our existence as an independent nation and 53 years of working of the Constitution, have resulted in one common experience of all Indian citizens. They cannot go to any public organization or office today and get the services which they are supposed to get without either paying bride or bringing influence by way of recommendations or references from VIPs, emphasizes N Vittal-a man who has observed, analyzed and above all, boldly crusaded against corruption, calling it by far the biggest challenge to the growth of our society and nation. His current outlook in corruption in India is that of a self-determined, sensitive patriot who by virtue of his position as the Central Vigilance Commissioner (CVC) had the opportunity of being able to get a panoramic view of the whole thing-only to conclude, that the problem of corruption
Can Be Trackled.

Humorous and witty at places, throwing up hard facts in-between, the twelve chapters comprising this book openly discuss the serious aspects of corruption and the various interrelated issues. Readers would find very convincing, the simple and straight-forward arguments posed by the well informed author. Using examples from real life, quoting words of wisdom (shlokas), making references to great people and great books, N Vittal has done every bit to illustrate corruption in India as the roadblock to national prosperity. But his task does not end here.
Vittal’s writing is soaked in optimism. His worthwhile suggestions keep coming all the way and the final chapter virtually declared his proposed strategy to combat corruption most effectively.

The book is meant to attract anybody and everybody who feels strongly about corruption and doesn’t mind reading a few pages written by someone as appropriate as Mr N Vittal.


Publisher’s Note


Corruption: A Fact of Life

Impact of Corruption on Economic Development

Character of the People

Should Corruption be Legalised?

Value Based Leadership and Effective Governance

Duties and Role of Educational Institutions

Legal Prevention and Judicial Control of Corruption

Mechanism for Accountability and Making Justice More Citizen-Friendly

Corruption-Free Service’ to be a Fundamental Right

Corporate Frauds:
Overview, Detection and Prevention

Vigilance in Public Sector Enterprises

Corruption-Free India:
It is a Far-fetched Idea?

A Few Quotations