Mahabharata - The Greatest Epic of the World    (ILLUSTRATED)

Mahabharata - The Greatest Epic of the World (ILLUSTRATED)

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Author: A Compilation
Translator(s): Igen B
Publisher: Manoj Publications
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 192
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8181334718


Mahabharata is the biggest epic of the world that showcases the high moral values. This Indian epic is like a full moon which sheds the light of Vedas making one's lily flower of wisdom blossom and stay in bloom forever. This volume features 88 scenes from this epic.

This popular sacred historic epic, the expanded exemplification of the immortal Vedic values, is the creation of the power attained through penance and celibacy by Lord Vyasa, the son of Satyawati.

Mahabharata is the greatest epic of the world, the biggest parade of historic sagas of our land. It reflects the social, cultural and philosophical picture of ancient India. The scholars call it The Fifth Veda. Every saga of this epic presents dramatically the way the evil apparently has upper hand but the good triumphs eventually. Thus, the soul message of Mahabharata is Where there is righteousness there is victory.

The stories of Mahabarata reveal how during that ancient age our India was in the forefront of the scientific knowledge. There is nothing that Vyasa’s notice has escaped. Today’s science is merely follow up of the developments of that age. It is no exaggeration. This epic is living proof this fact.


King Shantanu Marries Ganga
Killing of Seven Songs
Shantanu’s 8th Son-Devavrata
A Strange Incident
Sage Vyasa in Hastinapur
Eklavya Pays Gurudakshina
Contests among Princes
Princes show their Skills
Karna’s Challenge to Arjuna
Drona’s Gurudakshina Drupada As Prisoner
Duryodhana’s Trick Pandavas in Lac-House
Grief Stricken Dhritrashtra and Duryodhana
Pandavas in the Wilds
Bheema Kills Hidimb-Marries Hidimba
Gatotakacha is born
Pandavas Meet Sage Vyasa
Bheema Blasts Bakasura
Yajna for child by Panchala King
Pandavas Move to Panchala
Draupadi Swayamwara
Dhritrashtra, Duryodhana and Karna Interact
Grandman Bhishma’s Rebuke
Vidura in Panchala
The Division of Kingdom Proposed to Yudhishthira
Indraprastha Comes Up
Pandava Pact
Exile for Arjuna
Arjuna Returns-Abhimanyu Born
The Hunger of Fire-God
Angry Indra on Warpath
Maya Demon’s Creation
Jarasandha Slain
Shishupal Beheaded
Draupadi’s Taunt
Dhritrashtra Allows Gambling Match
Pandavas in Hastinapur
Duryodhana’s Anguish
Yudhishthira invited for Re-match
Pandavas go into Exile
Prophecy of Narada
Yudhishthira Prays to sun God
Krishna and vyasa visit Pandavas
Arjuna on mount Kailasha
Yudhishthira worried for Arjuna
Bheema Meets Hanumana
Arjuna’s Return
A Brahmin Tips Dhritrashtra
Pandavas to Duryodhana’s Rescue
Jaidratha Punished
Shiva’s boon to Jaidratha
Yaksha’s Questions for Pandavas
Pandavas in Secret Exile
Keechaka Eyes Draupadi
Keechaka Killed
Duryodhana’s Ill Attempts
Matasty Invaded-Pandavas Exposed
Why Mahabharata War?
Sanjay in Kauravas court
Sanjay Returns
Kunti Meets Karna
Dhrishtadhyumana is Pandavas Commander
Bhishma is Kauravas Commander
Arjuna Opts for Krishna
Duryodhana tricks shalya
Armies March to Battlefield
The Mahabharata Begins
The Second Day of War
The Third Day of War
The Fourth Day of War
War into Fifth Day
Sixth Days’ War
The Seventh Day
War into 8th Day
The Nineth Day
Tenth Days’ War Bhishma put out of action
Drona is new Commander
War into 11-12th Days
Thirteenth Days’ War
Abhimanyu in Trap
The Fourteenth Day
The Fifteenth Day
War into Sixteenth Day
Seventeen’th Day’s War
Pandavas in Hastinapur Palace
Dhritrashtra-Gandhari & Kunti go to Forests
Lord Krishna Departs
Pandavas too Depart
Sage Vyasa’s Message