Horoscope : Construction and Organisation - Glimpses of Hindu Astrology

Horoscope : Construction and Organisation - Glimpses of Hindu Astrology

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Author: R S Chillar
Publisher: Sterling
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 184
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8120724712


This hugely readable work is an endeavor to enable both a student and an astrologer to cast horoscope and organize its elements, consonant with the tenets of Hindu astrology, in an intelligible and comprehensive manner, so that it reflects a systematic pattern of cosmic energies.

It is also intended to the serve as a prelude to the study of Vimsottari system in Hindu astrology. Verification of the horoscope and birth time, and its erection with uncertain time has been precisely explained.

Present work is an endeavor of the author to translate the difficulties, problems and requirements of a layman, student and professional astrologer.



Mother Earth
Sidereal Time
Formats of Horoscope
Casting the Horoscope
Analysis of Horoscope
Karmic Control Planets
Dasha System
Concept of Horoscope
Varga Charts and Interpretation
Verification of Chart
Rectification of Natal Chart
Erection of the Horoscope with Uncertain Time


Sidereal Time
Noon Sidereal Time
Table of Mahadashas
Balance of Antardasha by longitude of the Moon in Various Signs
Table of Pratyantardashas
Consolidated Table for Shadvargas
Time Zones and Time Changes