Svapnavasavadattam of Bhasa      (Sanskrit+English)

Svapnavasavadattam of Bhasa (Sanskrit+English)

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Author: M R Kale
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass
Year: 2005
Language: multilingual
Pages: 168
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8120805720


This play is undoubtedly the poet's master piece and the fruit of his mature genius. This volume carries an exhaustive Introduction, a Sanskrit Commentary, English Translation, Critical Notes and useful Appendices with Index.

That this play was considered the best among Bhasa's works in Rajasekhara's time (9th century AD) is proved from the well-known verse of the poet. The play has been commented upon and citations have been made from it by celebrated writers on rhetorics. The plot of the drama is drawn from the romantic stories about Udayana and Vasavdutta, which were current in the poet's time and which seem to have captivated popular imagination.

In the history of Sanskrit Literature, a more interesting event than the discovery of thirteen dramas about the year 1909-10, by the late Ganapati Shastri of Trivandrum, has not happened. It seemed that the lost treasure of the plays of the famous dramatist Bhasa was recovered and Bhasa ceased to be a mere name.

Unfortunately, in none of the manuscripts the name of the writer of these plays is mentioned; Ganpati Shastri, however, after having subjected these dramas to critical examination came to the conclusion that all the thirteen dramas were written by one author and that author was Bhasa of great fame, so highly praised by Kalidasa and other poets.



Original Sanskrit drama, Sanskrit

Commentary and English translation


Appendix I

Appendix II

Appendix III

Appendix IV

Index of Important Words

Alphabetical list of Shlokas