Trade, Temple & Court - Indian Textiles from the Tapi Collection

Trade, Temple & Court - Indian Textiles from the Tapi Collection

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Author: Ruth Barnes
Steven Cohen/Rosemary Crill
Publisher: India Book House
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 238
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8175083549


This volume introduces Shilpa and Praful Shah's outstanding collection of Indian textiles. One of its great strengths is export market material, both for Europe and South-Eat Asia. It is the only collection in the Indian subcontinent with significant holdings in both these areas.

The Tapi collection brings together exceptional historical textiles that were treasured, not only by courtiers and royalty in India, but in markets spanning the globe from South-east Asia to Europe. Trade, Temple & Court: Indian Textiles from the Tapi Collection introduces for the first time several of the most outstanding textiles in the collection with detailed text and over 240 lavish illustrations. Gatefold spreads enhance the reader’s understanding of even the larger textiles, while diagrams elucidate intricate structural and design elements.

The Tapi pieces encompass a range of materials and motifs, from 14th century cloth woven and dyed or printed in Gujarat for maritime communities in South-east Asia to the painted cottons and embroideries favored by the Western market and pictorial pichhwais specially designed for religious use. The collection is particularly rich in rare early Kashmir shawls, as well as in 17th century articles for urban use, such as floor spreads, sashes and hangings. More recent examples of beautifully woven cotton jamdanis and silk Baluchari pieces are also included.

Noted textile scholars Ruth Barnes, Steven Cohen and Rosemary Crill have categorized the collection according to patronage and historical use, bringing fascinating insights to the realm of Indian textiles.


Collector’s Note



Textiles for the Trade with Asia
Ruth Barnes

Textiles for the Trade with Europe
Rosemary Crill

Kashmir Shawls
Steven Cohen

Courtly & Urban textiles
Rosemary Crill & Steven Cohen

Pichhwais & Religious Hangings
Rosemary Crill


Structural Information


Maps of Textile Centres